What is Mind-shift coaching?

Hello Gorgeous,

One of my clients has inspired me to write a blog of my experiences as a coach so here I am, Raw & Uncut, until I learn what to do 😉

Who am I & what do I do?

My name is Lisa Bowen & together with my alter ego Elisi (see above) we help people turn their challenges into opportunities – making change FUN & we do this using a fantastic 6-month programme, Thinking into Results (TIR) by Bob Proctor from the hit movie The Secret & the new release Think and Grow Rich –The Legacy, & a little bit of Carpet Bag Magic from Elisi who is a cross between Mary Poppins & a Jedi Knight & bears more than a little resemblance to me 🙂

Check out http://elisitherapies.com for more info on my background.

So, what is the purpose of this blog? My son, Dave, who sort of manages me & my biz, tells me that I have to provide value, so in between the fun, we’ll endeavour to do that. On occasion!

Elisi & I are all about having FUN because life is waaay too serious & fun is, well, fun!

Too many of us are bogged down by life’s trials & tribulations & circumstances to even remember what fun is so we’re here to help you rediscover your dreams. Remember those?  Dreams.  Who else got told off for day-dreaming in class?

Did you know that the day-dreaming state or Alpha Brainwave state is the best state for absorbing information? My mentor, Bob, says (I’ll refer to him a lot, as at 83, he is the grandfather of human potential.  He’s been studying this material for 56 years! That’s a year before I was born!!!) that future generations will accuse us of criminal activity because of the way we stop children dreaming & exercising their imagination! Imagination is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

EVERYTHING we use today, started with imagination. Cars, aeroplanes, microwave, smartphones. All of these were created in someone’s mind before becoming reality. Usually at the ridicule of the masses.

You know the weird thing? We say that we have to see it to believe it when actually it’s the other way around. If we can believe it, we can create it or as Bob says “Thoughts become things, I you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.  Actually, I think Mr Einstein said it first!

Our education system dumbs us down so that we don’t think & yet DR. J. B. Rhine said ‘The mind is the greatest power in all of creation”.  We think we think so listen to what Bob has to say on the matter here:

“If most people said what they were thinking, they’d be speechless…”  Earl Nightingale

 “2% of people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think.” –Dr.Kenneth McFarland

THINK about that for a moment, get it?  Sorry, not sorry😉

SO, when did you last allow yourself to daydream, really fantasise?

Recently a client did her first TIR lesson & as she allowed herself to really fantasise, suddenly all these ideas came into her mind faster than she could write them down. She was elated & surprised at the ideas that came up & now has an exciting new direction in life.

She is the one who said she was going to post about her TIR experiences & gave me the idea to blog, Check her out on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/__penno__/ …. for a both sides of coaching experience!

I get a real buzz watching my clients uncover the infinite potential that is inside them & truly have the best ‘job’ in the world. How can I call it a job when I love what I do so much?

What’s your potential? Let’s have some fun exploring & see where it takes us. Gift yourself some time to play with this.

If you had a Billion $ in the bank, what would you do with your life once you’d bought all the toys &  houses you want?  Really think about what you would do once the novelty wore off. It’s easy to say I don’t want that much money so just for once, think about how you’d behave if you did, what good would you do in the world? Post your comments & let me know how big & crazy your dreams are.

Mine is to inspire & empower others to create individual & global abundance so that everyone has access to everything they need & want which is pretty out there. Especially with the date of 2030 firmly locked in, so can you get crazier than that?

Anyway, Gorgeous, put some FUN back into your life, become one of the 2% who think & DREAM BIG

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Stay Special

Lisa & Elisi