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Hello Gorgeous,

Wow, what  a start to 2017!

We are going through some exciting changes so watch this space! We are no longer offering physical therapies as I am currently charging around the world changing lives.

Our website is having a fresh new look & we are also installing a new a new coaching software programme that will support our coaching clients.

Please keep an eye on Facebook & the website for regular updates.  For those of you not on FB, our feeds go onto the website under Latest News so you can read them there.

I anticipate my new book, Finding the Gorgeous in You being published by Feb/Mar & am really excited about that.

I have recently become a Thinking into Results Consultant working with Bob Proctor (The Secret) & the team at the Proctor Gallagher Institute & am heading over to the USA to do more training.  I have already been working with clients & getting incredible results that have totally exceeded my expectations.

…….., “It’s all quite strange but she seems like a half-way house between Mary Poppins and a Jedi Knight. I’m only just beginning to understand how it is she got here. She’s a Bowen Therapist, Reiki Therapist, Energy Healer, NLP and Thinking into Results coach and provides a pretty much unique form(s) of personal and business coaching and healing. The last few days has certainly been the strangest, most exciting and most profoundly enlightening experience I have ever had.
Anyway, a bit like Mary Poppins she doesn’t know how long she’ll be here, or where she’s going next but the vast majority of her work is done over Skype/FB/Phone etc

So I’m just putting a shout out that from what we have all seen there’s isn’t a business or an individual probably in the world that wouldn’t profoundly benefit from her gifts.” Rich Wands WandsPro

If you’re not on target with your NY resolution or life just isn’t what you hoped it would be, then coaching may be just what you need. Using the well established 12 step Thinking into Results Programme & throwing in a sprinkle of Mary Poppins magic, I will work with you to identify your goals, make sure that there is no sub-conscious sabotage going on & help you create the life you truly deserve.

I know 2017 as a year 1 (new beginning) is going to be a BIG year so let me help you make it the year you achieve your goals.

Stay Special,

Lisa xx

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